Dog Hikes In Our Area

Dog hikes

There are lots of hikes for that you can take your dog on around Las Vegas.
The best part is no matter what time of the year you can 
hike around Las Vegas.

Mt. Charleston – 35 miles west of Vegas

Bristlecone Trail – Best done in the fall when the leaves are changing.
Cathedral Rock– A good hike for dogs or children.
Echo Loop – Easy loop hike for beginners.
Fletcher Canyon – Classic mountain hike. Year round water.
Little Falls – Easy trek through the forest to a seasonal waterfall.
Mary Jane Falls – Seasonal waterfall
Robber’s Roost – Easy hike to cave where Mexican bandits hide out.
Stanley B. Springs – Springs, mines, and caves!!!Advanced Hikes for your Dog:Bonanza Peak – All trail hike to a remote peak.
Griffith Peak – 10 mile round trip hike. Great views. (Currently closed until at least summer 2015.)
Charleston Peak – 16 miles. Highest peak in southern Nevada.

Red Rock Hikes – 20 miles west of Vegas

Arnight Trail – Prettiest when the desert is in bloom (April – May.)
Cave Canyon – Hike to a cave.
Dale’s Trail – Another easy BLM trail that is best done when the desert is in bloom.
Fern Canyon – Magnificent canyon hike with year-round water in the pools.
First Creek Waterfall – Take the family to see a seasonal waterfall in the desert.
Keystone Thrust – Easiest and shortest hike to the famous Keystone Thrust fault line.
La Madre Springs – Hike travel to a water source for animals in the area.
Las Vegas Overlook – Great views of Las Vegas and Red Rock peaks from the top.
Lost Creek Canyon – Good beginner’s hike with a seasonal waterfall.
Pine Creek – Great beginner’s bouldering route that ends at a pool. Advanced Hikes for Your Dogs:Calico Tank – Hike to a tank full of water
Calico Loop – Fun loop hike
Fern Canyon – Hike to ferns growing in a canyon
Grand Circle – 11 mile hike through the desert
Kraft Mtn Loop – 5 mile hike around Kraft Mtn.

Lake Mead Hikes – 30 east of Vegas

Anniversary Narrows – The Narrows is something that you must see.
Callville Bay – Easy hike around the bay.
Cleopatra Wash – Fun hike that follows a scenic wash to a cove on Lake Mead. Video
Historic Railroad Tunnels – The trail follows an old railroad track.
Northshore Summit– A short hike the whole family can enjoy including your dog.
Redstone Trail – Very easy beginner’s hike.