Pets Need Dental Care Too!!

Every day we brush our teeth, we floss, we use mouthwash, and we take other measures to help care for our teeth. In addition, we visit the dentist every 4-6 months for additional dental care.

Like us, our pets need dental care. If you are able to brush your pet’s teeth and provide special dental treats, you will slow down the accumulation of bacteria and the buildup of plaque and calculus. However, you won’t prevent it.

Just like we see the dentist regularly, your pet should see your veterinarian regularly to be evaluated for dental disease and receive appropriate treatment.

February is National Pet Dental Month! It is the perfect time to take care of your pet’s teeth and save some money at the same time. During the month of February the prices of our dental cleanings will be:

  • Cats-$100.00
  • Dogs less than 20lbs-$100.00
  • Dogs 20-50lbs.-$125.00
  • Dogs over 50lbs.-$150.00

All fees include a pre-anesthetic exam, IV catheter & fluids, anesthetic monitoring, pre & post dental antibiotics, and nail trim. (Fees do not include the cost of extracting teeth and pain medications if necessary)

Pre-operative bloodwork for an additional $52.00 is recommended for all pets and is required for pets 7 years of age and older. Application of a sealant ($10.00) and a kit for applying a sealant at home ($26.00) are also available.

This offer expires on 2/28/15. Management reserves the right to modify or cancel this offer at any time.