November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month!

Adopt A Senior Pet Month is here!

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All too often, individuals or families looking to adopt a pet walk into a shelter with hopes of adopting a puppy that may have been part of an unwanted litter or a small young dog that was found and never reclaimed. Most often, older animals are left behind in shelters as individuals and families want an animal that they can raise and have for a long time.

November is “Adopt a Senior Pet Month”! Any dog seven years or older is considered a “senior”, but the size of the dog is also factored into this as the smaller the dog, the later in life they are considered a “senior”.1 You should use this month to educate people on why it’s awesome to have an older pet! Some reasons are outlined for you below2:

• At the time of adoption, you will know the size of the pet, what his personality is, and what level of care he will need. There will be no surprises down the road!
• Older pets tend to be calmer than younger ones, and this often make them easier to train.
• Grown pets do not require the constant attention and monitoring that a puppy or kitten does.
• Older animals tend to have already learned how to get along with others and join the team, so they can bond with their new family quicker!
• Because many older pets have been housetrained already, they are less rough on the floors, shoes, and furniture that younger animals might still enjoy chewing on from time to time!
• Older pets have the physical and mental capability to pick up on household rules quickly, unlike cute little puppies.
• Older dogs often have less energy than a younger dog, so they will not need to, or want to, run as far and as often as a younger puppy.
• Unfortunately, older animals are often the last to be adopted and the first to be euthanized if they are placed at a shelter that believes in such practices. When you adopt an older dog, you are saving a life!
• They are beautiful, adorable creatures! How can you say no to a couple of faces like these?


Senior-To-Senior Programs

Many pet agencies around the country also spread senior pet love through senior-to-senior programs. These programs are established to help senior humans enjoy and rediscover the joy of having an animal companion in their lives. These programs typically place cats and dogs over the age of seven with seniors over the age of sixty. The gentle and calm demeanor that older animals often have can be the perfect fit for an older human who may not have the physical strength to take care of a younger, more energetic animal.3 Humans have been found to benefit from these loving arrangements as research has shown that companion animals can help improve a human’s mental and physical health.

Let’s come together and celebrate “Adopt a Senior Pet Month” this November and every month after!
***Adopting any animal is a serious commitment and should not be made lightly. You can find amazing senior pets on websites like Petfinder and the Senior Dog Project***



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