Gwen’s Hot Weather Tips For Your Loyal Friends

Summertime is here and we want to get out with our pets, but we must protect them in this heat! When you’re taking your little friend for an enjoyable walk take measures to prevent either of you for regretting it!

First, test the ground with your hand to tell if it’s too hot. If it hurts your hand, it will hurt their feet. It’s best to walk in the early morning, or after the sun goes down.

A bottle of water would be nice for you both to share. Stay hydrated!!

Use a pet safe sunscreen. (Especially on shaved, or white dogs!)

If your pet must go outside during the hottest part of the day, keep it short. They can overheat quickly.  Take extra precautions with your short faced pets like the Persian, Pug, and Bulldog! Also, elderly, and overweight pets are more susceptible to heat stroke.

Enjoy your time together and play safe.